June 6, 2019

Greetings out there! We’ve had a beautiful spring in the desert, and the garden is flourishing.

The almost-summer temperatures descended upon us this week, and we’ll be breaking 100 degrees Fahrenheit soon. And then, the gardening will change...just like life, changing with the seasons. Every moment is precious and sacred if we intend it to be.  

The last couple months, I have been busy creating. I’ve had the privilege of writing songs for a couple commission projects and am in the process of recording them. I’ll share more info about that soon.  

My band and I have a special show coming up at Unity in the Valley on summer solstice. We’d love if you would join us. We’ll be debuting some new songs, and it’ll be all around a fantastic evening. And…if you’re up for a solstice adventure in the heat, there is a labyrinth that you can walk right outside the venue. You can get tickets here: https://ambernorgaard.com/event/2619432/490982737/unity-concert-featuring-amber-s-band 

I’m taking time this summer to write for a new album and won't be touring. However, next summer will be a different story, so stay tuned. 

Onward we go. Peace and grace to you as we continue through the seasons of change.  


Read Amber's interview and story in Natural Awakenings magazine:
Amber Norgaard: Tucson's Folk-Rock Goddess

Check out the Take It Higher song and video commission I recently released. We'd be honored if you'd like to help us rebuild lives through education by donating to the Multanen Legacy Scholarship Fund.

May we all dig deep within our hearts amidst the trials and tribulations of life, tap into our inner "SISU" to stay the course, "be the love we came here to be" and "Take It Higher." 

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Watch Amber's "Raise Me Up" video inspired by the stories of the horses, produced by Marcus De Leon and filmed on site at Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary