"Word from amber" archive

June 17, 2022 

A light desert shower graced my walk tonight. There is nothing like a jaunt in the rain to reinvigorate my soul. I love taking in the Sonoran Desert air filled with earthly scents of damp creosote and mesquite. It’s like an offering of gratitude to Mother Nature for the much needed moisture, and I get to pass through the sacred exchange. 

Nature feeds my soul and kindles my creativity. I’m sticking close to my desert home this summer to write. It’s time for new songs to emerge. These days in a world of noise and distraction, I have to deliberately carve out time to dwell in silence and stillness…it’s my songwriting tonic. 

I look forward to seeing you on the road soon. And in the meantime, thank you for communing with me via satellites and soundwaves. 

Wishing you the perfect balance of stillness and motion to feed your soul. 


March 25, 2022 

Ah…spring in the Sonoran Desert. The foliage bursts with life and the bees buzz with purpose as they gather up the abundance of the season. 

My performance schedule is full. I’m grateful for plentiful “work”. I still find it amazing that I get to call making music “work”. 

Thank you for visiting my website, for following my journey, for attending my shows and to my patrons for your amazing support through the years. 

Wishing you a season filled with wonder, light and grace. 

With gratitude, 


December 22, 2021 

The tilt of the earth and seasons intrigue me. I awoke yesterday on winter solstice with an invigorated spirit. There is something about knowing that it’s the shortest day of the year and for the next six months, the light will grow. I think my excitement carries over from my Alaska years. Up there on winter solstice, the sun only rose for a handful of hours, hanging low above the horizon. 

I love this quiet, cold, reflective time - walking in darkness through neighborhoods, bundled up, admiring holiday lights. It’s comforting, and I feel like a child expectantly awaiting to open a gift. In the darkness, infinite possibility awaits when daylight breaks. 

Wherever you may be and whatever you celebrate during the holy-days, I wish you peace and an invigorating return of light. 

May we… 
“Deck the halls and make them holy, 
Fill the streets with scenes of glory, 
And be the peace we long to have; 
Extend our hands to our neighbor, 
Open our hearts to one other 
And live the love we yearn to feel.”     ~lyrics from “Be the Peace” 

Thank you for supporting my music. I appreciate you. 

Much love and light, 


September 3, 2021 

Hello out there! 

I had a soul-filling mini-tour in South Dakota and Iowa last month. I am super grateful that after these past 18 months, I am still able to share my music and make a living doing what I love. 


I am back in the desert, in awe of the abundant butterflies and new life emerging from our lush, moist desert. We’ve had so much rain that some of the cacti are blooming again this year. 

Amidst all the bad news out there, I pay more attention to the tiny miracles of each day, and there are many. Keep the faith, my friends. If we are still here, we’ve got love to do. 


PS - Check out my "It's Resurrection Time" interview with Judy Jennings.

July 30, 2021 

After a year of drought, I am deeply grateful for the plentiful monsoons nourishing life back into our Sonoran Desert. ‘Tis a humid, beautiful and exciting season here. 

I am getting ready to head to South Dakota and Iowa for shows. After months of mostly private performances, I’m looking forward to sharing music in public. 

Last Spring I had an inspiring chat with Judy Jennings, a fabulous writer from Tucson. She interviewed artists regarding the impact of the pandemic on their lives. I’m honored to be included in this. You can read “IT’S RESURRECTION TIME: An Interview With Amber Norgaard” HERE . Thank you, Judy, for including my interview in your “UNPAINTED HORSES: Stories of Resilience” blog! 

Many of my supporters are still unable to get out into public settings. For all of you AND for the amazing fans and friends who have pulled me through these past 15 months, HERE is a casually recorded/videoed live performance of my song “Came Here to Love” by my band at the Community Performing Arts Center (Green Valley, AZ) in April 2021. 

Stay safe and healthy out there. Thank you for visiting my website! 


May 19, 2021 

Long before I had a career as a musical artist, I wrote a song inspired by the birth of my first niece. She entered the world less than year after 9/11, and there was much fear ruminating through hearts and minds. 

Last year as I worked on my “Roots Run Deep” album, I felt this song was topically important. Personally, when I shape lyrics and melodies of comfort, I am comforted in the process. It worked that way when I was a nurse too – as I did my healing work, I was healed in the process. During the daunting beginning of the pandemic, it was a gift to record “Blessed With Life”. 

Time marches on. My niece graduated this week. She will enter a new beginning in this mysterious, messy, glorious circle of life. 

I leave you with lyrics from “Blessed With Life” - 

May you live well 
May the journey always lead you home 
May you know wisdom, truth and light 
May you love with all your might 
May you be blessed with life

And may we always find comfort and connection in the little, everyday miracles of existence. Wishing you grace, peace and good health as we re-enter this “new” world and “new” way of being with each other. 


May 7, 2021 

Thank you to all who came out to our one-year-pandemically-delayed Community Performing Arts Center concerts last week in Green Valley, AZ. It was so good to be back on stage. What a gift to celebrate and perform songs off my new album “Roots Run Deep”  with a live, physically distanced, in person audience. I’m looking forward to getting on the road and performing these songs in more places. 

Since Mother’s Day is approaching, I’m leaving you with my song “Mama’s Eyes”. Take a listen. My mom inspires me to dig deep, be strong, compassionate and always find “the good in the mess.” 

We made it through this past year. May you always prevail through the messy times with a full, compassionate heart and vibrant spirit that lights up those around you. 

Thank you for following my music. 

With love and gratitude,