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November 2, 2023 


The temps have dropped in my corner of the world, and it finally feels like autumn in the Sonoran Desert. I welcome the season of long sleeves, simmering tea and candles.

It’s strange that as our hemisphere cools and nature slows down for winter, we seem to ramp up the energy into the “holiday” season. Fall has been a VERY busy season for me. I’ve been performing 5-8 times per week (mostly private gigs), working on studio projects and directing two church music programs. I love it all and am grateful that every day I get to do THIS for a living.  

A lot of heavy things are going on in the world. To me, the longer nights right now seem to reflect humanity’s dark night of the soul. Life is bigger than soundbytes, and much more complex than the social media threads we weave. All I know is that I will continue to offer my heart and song; be mindful of my thoughts, words and actions; be grateful for every moment that I'm here; and do what I can to be and reflect light in the dark.

May we be led to a new dawn where ALL humanity - regardless of religion, ethnicity, race, skin color, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, age, social status – are respected and valued as part of the sacred web of life; and where this planet that sustains our very being is revered and mindfully lived upon by our species.

With love and light,


PS - check out “IT’S RESURRECTION TIME: An Interview With Amber Norgaard

AND if you need an extra infusion of love, here's a casually recorded/videoed live performance of my song “Came Here to Love” by my band 

Previous events

Amber Norgaard & Friends Holiday Show

 —  —

Monterey Court Cafe, 505 W. Miracle Mile, Tucson, AZ

Amber and her rowdy reindeer friends - Doug Floyd (electric guitar), Seth Murzyn (violin), Joe Ferguson (guitar/vocals), Jay Trapp (bass) and Casey Hadland (drums) are excited to return to Monterey Court for a rootsy, soulful, jazzy, rockin' evening of holiday songs and Amber-originals. Dine with us under the stars (and heaters) for a festively fun, heartwarming evening of music, great food/beverages and community. $10 admission. Make your reservations here:

Join us in Unity's listening space for an evening of song and story. Sabra Faulk and Amber Norgaard team up to deliver a fun, rootsy evening of original songs and a few favorite covers. The evening opens with the fabulous vocal-oriented group Frankly Scarlett.

Sabra Faulk is an award-winning songwriter, bassist, vocalist and acoustic guitarist who has been a staple in the southern AZ musical community for the past 30 years. She joins forces with Amber Norgaard, a nurse turned musician who is described as "a songwriter to be reckoned with" (Tucson Lifestyle). Together, they weave sweet harmonies, soulful songs and an entertaining performance.

Frankly Scarlett's roots originated two years ago when Suzy Ronstadt and Kathy Harris, who have sung together with various bands for years, met up with chorale vocalist Mary Kuskin from Flagstaff. The three singers decided to do an a cappella song, and it turned out so well that they asked amazing guitarist Steff Kayser to join them. Steff agreed and the band was formed. Their new CD features Sabra Faulk on bass, and now as part of the band, she rounds out the lovely harmonies and fun songs of Frankly Scarlett.

Pima County and the Arts Foundation invite you to a FREE Art and Wellness event to celebrate your local community! The family-friendly event brings together public art and public health and will feature community-inspired artwork, live performances, food trucks, raffles for prizes and many health resources. Attendees will be invited to help paint a community mural with the artist team, Samantha and Jhonattan Arango, who work under the alias Anón. SaludArte is promoting community healing through art! A community-driven panel selected the artists to translate their stories and hopes into public art. The Health Department will also be providing free health screenings and resources for attendees and their families!

Sunday, Sept. 24, from 2 - 6 p.m. Green Valley Community Performance & Art Center (CPAC) 1250 W. Continental Road in Green Valley

If you are from Tucson, these fine women singer songwriters need no introduction. For the rest of you – be speedy in getting your table reservations for this show- likely to be a full house! No cover. Make reservations online at

No cover. Reservations through this link

Celebrate summer at Desert Hills Lutheran Church's Monsoon Concert! It is sure to be an incredible evening filled with an eclectic lineup of personalities, songs and musical styles. Come in from the heat and rain, and join us for a phenomenal evening of music with some of Southern Arizona's finest musicians! Purchase tickets at DHLC or online. Show starts at 6:30p. Seating at 6p.

$25 at DHLC / $27.50 online w/ service fee


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Songs feature Amber's vocals, piano, acoustic guitar, keyboards along with stellar musicians Doug Floyd (electric guitars, acoustic guitar), Jay Trapp (bass), Ralph Gilmore (drums), Joe Ferguson (mandolin, harmony vocals), Seth Murzyn (viola, violin), Alex Flores (tenor sax), Carla Brownlee (baritone sax, tenor sax), Tyrone Williams (background vocals/arrangements), Justine Boswell (back up vocals),  and Michael G. Ronstadt (cello). Recorded, engineered, and produced by Steven Lee Tracy (Saint Cecilia Studios). Mastered by Adam Boose (Cauliflower Audio Mastering).