B E - i n g

B E - i n g  .  .  .

that's what she taught me 

in the 162 months that we spent together.

Always IN the moment.
Never holding grudges.
Unconditionally welcoming.

Even in the end...

The last night, I laid on the floor with her. She was very sick, yet calmed by my touch. As a final communication of grace, she lifted her head, laid her warm, furry cheek on mine. She rested there...letting her cheek BE upon mine for what was maybe a minute. Maybe more. Maybe less. It didn't matter. Time had stopped. We were in the moment, the NOW, the only place where I believe we sense eternity.

Simply  B E - i n g .

Then putting her nose to mine, breathing in my breath, she laid her head back down on the pillow.

I knew it was time. 

She communicated peace. The tension in her body momentarily released, and my heavy heart filled with love and gratitude.

It was time for her to go.

Happy trails, gentle soul.

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