Orchestra of Pigeons

During my sunset walk, I passed a group of pigeons, who suddenly lifted off the ground upon my approach. They were in perfect orchestration on lift-off, and the rush of wind under their wings bathed my senses. Circling above, they innately knew how to move together as one unit. And then as if the great conductor of the sky gestured them to land, they lit in unison, each in place upon the telephone wires.

When I play music, I feel that amazing conductor of Life at work extending through all of us - through me, my bandmates, the listeners - and for that moment, we are together in vibration and rhythm, each playing a role that contributes to the unique experience of that moment. It is a sense of profound communion.

I think about how powerful we are in this place. This place of Oneness...where we share a common mission - where we choose to play a part in the song of connection, love and healing...

Or not...

For it's always a choice, and we always share in a mission - be it constructive or destructive. We can choose to make breezes or hurricanes, peace or war...ultimately heaven or hell as we walk together upon this planet.

Either way, when the dust finally settles, what's left is the Oneness that continues to exist...the amazing life force that brought us here and continues to shape shift our beings...that continues to spin the earth just right for the sun to rise and for humanity to awaken to new beginnings...if we choose.

To the orchestra of pigeons...job well done.  Thank you for a fabulous performance on my walk this evening.

Nature has a way of reminding me that it's my choice of how I fly...scattered and separate, or together and in grace.

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