From the recording One Flame - Accompaniment Track

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Accompaniment / backing track with piano performed by Amber Norgaard and cello performed by Michael G. Ronstadt for Amber Norgaard's "One Flame" song in the key of D.

By purchasing this backing track, you are purchasing a license to use this track for live performance. All backing tracks remain the property of Amber Norgaard at all times and are offered for license only.

A license to use Amber Norgaard's backing track as an accompaniment to live performance is granted only to the nominated licensee. Use by third parties, lending, hiring or re-selling is strictly forbidden and a license will be deemed invalid in the event of breach of any/all of the terms and conditions stated herein, rendering any further use by licensee of the backing tracks illegal. No other rights are granted by the license.

Any commercial release, sale or trade of any recording utilizing any portion of this backing track requires the expressed written consent of Amber Norgaard. Failure to do so instantly terminates this licensing agreement and will result in legal action.


ONE FLAME - Lyrics by Amber Norgaard

On this day, I say, “I do”
On this day, I say, “I will”
To the journey through and through
With you, my Love

Let Thy Light guide us
Grace bless us
As we go on this day
Commit to Thy Way
Forever in Faith
Together in One Flame

On this day, we celebrate
On this day, we commemorate
The promise we each make
To grow and change, united in One Flame

Repeat Chorus

Through the darkest nights and the sunny days
The clear blue waters and rocky terrain
Holding your hand, this love, this love sustains
Together we stand in One Flame

Repeat Chorus