1. Take It Higher

From the recording Take It Higher (Single)

Piano/vocals - Amber Norgaard
Electric Guitar - Doug Floyd
Viola - Seth Murzyn
Acoustic guitar/vocals - Joe Ferguson
Cello - Michael G. Ronstadt
Bass - Jay Trapp
Drums/vocals - Ralph Gilmore

Written by Amber Norgaard. Recorded by Bill Cashman at Cavern Studios. Mixed by Steven Lee Tracy. Mastered by Cauliflower Audio Mastering.

A deep, heartfelt thank you to Candace Plumlee and Sara Multanen at http://www.multanenlegacy.org for the inspiration to write this song and helping bring it to life. A very special thank you to Nancy Buffington at http://www.boisespeakwell.com for helping me sift through lyrics and craft the flow of this song, to my vocal coach Anna Schoff for working with me tirelessly on my song projects, to Allison Schmidt and Serene Bertram Lopez for opening their house to me in Oregon while I finished writing this song, and to Darci Slaten for the graphic design. A BIG thank you to Doug, Jay, Ralph, Seth, Joe, Michael, Bill and Steven for adding your fabulous musicianship and expertise to this song. It takes a village, and I am grateful.


Every moment is our choice
Of how we want to be
To stay down or rise above
We write our own story

Let’s take it higher…Do all that we can
Take it higher…beyond what we have been
Take it higher…Be the love we’re meant to be, the love we’re made to be

Bring the darkness into light
Awaken the new day
Open up our sight
To see a new way
Where every wall is a place
To rise above or break it down
In every stumble there’s the fall
That clears the way for the climb


Open our hearts…love sets us free
Open our minds…to endless possibility
Open our lives…fulfill the legacy

The love we’re made to be
The love we came here to be
The love that sets us free
The love that shines on you…you and me…
Be the love…be the love that sets us free
Be the love that shines on you and me
Be the love
Be the love we’re meant to be
Be the love that shines on you and me
Be the love
Be the love that sets the world free
Be the love
The love we came here to be