1. In This Life

From the recording Rising

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Written in honor of the life of Ross Gene Blanchard
July 1, 1981 – August 8, 2004
Forever family, forever loved


Headed north on 71
Heavy as the clouds above
Streaking down my windshield
I wonder how, I wonder why

Up ahead a ray of sunlight
Shining on the fresh green hills
Golden corn tassels waving prairie songs
Into the fading light

And the silver ribbon stretched before me
With broken yellow lines that hold me
In this life, in this life
And all I see is what’s ahead me
And all I know is what’s gone past me
And I don’t know, I don’t know why

And the temporary glow
Of a distant firefly
Reminding me that nothing
Stays long in this life

With the orange hue of the sinking sun
Silhouetting telephone poles
Miles connected by road and line
Make no difference drivin’ in this fading light


And I don’t know, where you are tonight

Slipping through our fingers
Going where you must
I grab hold to the wheel a bit more tight
We grab hold to each other a little closer tonight
Holding on to this life

Headed north on 71
On this unexpected ride
Western clouds of pastel blaze
Behind black trees swaying in the Midwest breeze

To my right the stars begin to wake
Amidst the brilliant deep blue
Overhead a bright satellite
Guiding me into this fading light