From the recording Rising

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10 Crazy State of Grace
Wake up, boy, the sun is shining bright this day
Sending some light down our way
The frigid wind that carried the cold, cold rain
Blew itself out East onto a distant land

I see a thin veil of hope rising on the black highway
We swore we were through, it was all we could do
But we had failed to see
The crazy state of grace

A wild dog cornered in a back alley
Fightin’ and flightin’ surging through its veins
And I am here stuck behind a blue computer screen
Waitin’ on the caffeine to ease the load

And I've got this heavy, heavy roof above my head
Three pairs of warm socks upon my feet
I guess I’m just a stir-crazy ghost caught in a machine
Needing a bit more air to breathe


So, boy, why the gloomy eyes
Your heart is a beatin’ but that is not enough
Is it another dream riddled by dust and time
Left out the street for someone else to pick up

Yeah and it is rough, it is rough leavin’ it all behind
Shoving it so deep inside it does not hurt
Oh and it becomes easy to just stop believing
Leaving it all out there for someone else to do


Somewhere out there in that endless space
There’s a tiny blue world opening her arms to you
So come on, boy, step outside and take a peek
Life is reeling under the sun


We are so blessed in this crazy state of grace
We are so blessed in this crazy state of grace