From the recording Rising

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I took a left lost inside my head
I drove right into the airplane graveyard
Hollow tin cans rusting in the air and rain
Anchored down to disintegrate
The bird in the cage sings himself to sleep
While I sift through 30 years of memories
And the wear and tear that the decades bring
Become more evident upon my face

And I am asking, I am asking
Are we just old souls, old souls
Waiting on the wind
To bring us home again
Old souls

The shadow of the hawk drifts over me
I look up to watch his majesty
Swooping and diving all over this land
One eye tied to the ground, the other to heaven


I watch my hands strum these strings
Sometimes I see my father in me
When he played that old guitar singing “Amy”
25 years later I’m still keepin’ the beat


Atoms keep spinning propelling the blades
Of these empty metal shells that’ll one day rust away
As the cloud falls to the sea and is taken back by sun and breeze
I am standing here, grounded by gravity
And I am standing here, a shadow passing over me
And I can faintly hear, a haunting melody
From these drafty, drafty tin cans
Old souls, old souls waiting on the wind
To bring us home again
Old souls