1. Rectify

From the recording Rising

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Blood on my hands
Kingdom of corruption
Where no one dare look beyond the white picket fence
Bring it all back
Bring back the Garden of Eden
Take the blood from my hands
Rectify this mess

Come and stake your land
It holds the key to the future
A gold mine, oil mine
A land mine
Take the blindfold from my eyes
So I can see what’s left
Smoke clears from
The rubble of brokenness


Sweaty palm on the wheel
Driving a heavy fist
Pointing out the targets
Who are not like the rest
Flies swarm in expectation
Waiting to dive in
Feast upon the spoils
Of madness


Sun burns deeply
On a land split wide open
Wind blasts down
All the heat from heaven
How do you make your way
In a garden that’s broken
Victim to rage, fear and ignorance
Victim to rage, fear and ignorance