1. Quicksand

From the recording Long Way Home

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Change is coming soon
I can smell it in the breeze
The way the dark clouds loom
Shape shifting with such ease
Sometimes the road makes me happy
Other times it makes me weep
And all I got is myself at night
To sing me, to sing me to sleep
And I sing

Change be gentle
Spare me your heavy hand
I am doin’ the best that I can
To make it through , make it through quicksand
Make it through the quicksand

Sometimes you got to ride it out
Stare it straight in the eye
Other times you got to pick up your feet
And step to the side
The more I flail, the farther I sink
Down into this hole
The damp cold soil is closing in on me
Trying to steal, steal my soul
And I plead

Repeat Chorus

I open my eyes to the night
And in this darkness I cry with all my might
When I least expect, the calm settles in
I look down, my feet are walkin’
And I am walkin’ thru the quicksand
Walkin’ on top the ocean
And I am walkin’ thru the swampy lands
Treacherous mountains
And I am walkin’ through the pourin’ rain
Blowin’ snow
And I am walkin’ over ruts in the road
And the red smokin’ coals
Walkin’ through the quicksand

When those dark clouds creep in
You got no where else to hide
Grab hold to the mighty road
Let it take you for a ride
The raging storm will blind your eyes
And it will not be kind
So take your heart, and take your soul, and take the road
To the other side

Repeat Chorus