1. Overtaken

From the recording Long Way Home

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You look at me, I can see
The smile in your eyes sparkling
As our gaze meets
I touch your face, I touch your face with all the feeling
I’ve got inside of me

And I am overtaken
By the letting go
And I am overtaken
With the reflection of the soul
In your eyes
I am overtaken
By you, and it feels so good
Feels so good, oh it feels so good

I dare to venture to your lips
To taste the sweet, sweet melody
Of our harmony
When I dive in I get the biggest grin
Savorin’ a piece of heaven

Repeat Chorus

All the moonless nights, the starless skies
The cloudy days and hopeless ways
Of the wondering, wandering
The relentless search for meaning
And I think I have found a glimmer of truth
And I think I have found my starry night in you

And I let go of all my used to be’s
I hold so tight to
They no longer serve me well
Cuz I know, I know I’ve got to go, I got to go
Beyond all that I think I know
To be where you are taking me

Repeat Chorus