From the recording Long Way Home

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Well I don’t believe in regret
Shoulda been is always too late
And it’s all a lesson in lovin’
Growin’ in the season
Watch the clouds roll in
They’ll tell me what to plan
As long as I listen to the wind

Well, I don’t know where I’m goin’
I will tell you where I’ve been
Sometimes I break down
I learn to get up again
I am strong as the road
That carries all my load
Keeps my wheels spinnin’
And my heart exposed

It’s the simple things that feed my soul
Like mornin’ coffee on the porch
Gatherin’ up the eggs
Takin’ care of mama
Goin’ gamblin’ with daddy
He taught me how to win
It’s all in how I listen to the wind

Repeat Chorus

Some folks may judge our ways
When we drive the tractor down the highway
Country life is not made by racin’
There is wisdom in the land
Always a helpin’ hand
Goin’ 55
It’s hard to listen to the wind

Repeat Chorus