1. Still In Here

From the recording Long Way Home

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Caught a glimpse of himself the other day
Peering in the black window pane
Dirty green jacket hung loose over tattered clothes
Greasy hair hid most of his face
He remembers a time when he slept warm at night
Free of the constant pangs of hunger
When they would greet him arms outstretched to his
Always looking him straight in the eyes
And he thought

I know that somewhere I’m in here
Trapped in this body, in a life I did not expect
Look in my eyes, look in them deep now
I still am, I still am in here, oh yeah
And I still am in here, oh yeah

Her hands trembling she gripped the old wooden vanity
She unsteadily took her seat
Through hazy eyes she gazed into the tarnished looking glass
Not recognizing her own face
Well I guess 80 years of laughter and tears
They wear deeper than the skin
With all her might she started into her own eyes
She caught a glimpse, she recognized
And she knew

Repeat Chorus

The other day I thought I had it all figured out
Then I woke this morning and the sun did not rise
So I laced up my hiking boots
And slammed the door behind me
Looking for, I did not know what
The air is heavy here I can, I can barely breathe
The wind tries to freeze my tears
My desperation I kneel down beside the lake
Looking for some answers
Please are you in there

Repeat Chorus