November 11, 2023 - Veterans Day Thoughts

It's Veteran's Day, and I'm thinking of one my old songs “Hell Town” written about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in veterans. This past year, the issue hit close to home when we lost a family member to PTSD. 

Battle certainly doesn’t end when one comes home from a war zone. 

I am grateful to the brave ones who literally give all to serve our country. And I am also deeply saddened when that “all” can't return “home” through trauma's isolating darkness.

As a society, may we do all we can to build systems of compassion and healing. It's only together that we mend the brokenness. 

For anyone dealing with PTSD, I pray that you are able to get the help you need to begin healing, that you feel the light and the love that surrounds you, and that you can tap into that brave spirit to work through the trauma to shape a different future. 

May we think, speak and act in peaceful ways so that our children don’t learn extremism, racism, antisemitism, hate and ultimately terrorism…so that we can shape a different future as well. Peace begins within each one of us.

Thank you to my musical compadres Doug Floyd (electric guitar), Jay Trapp (bass) and Will Clipman (drums) for making this music with me, to Gina Bailey for the editing and creative vision, and to Nancy Hernden for recording. 

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