"Communion" - Reflections on the evening of 6/1/2020

A cloud hovers over my city. Heaven touching earth,
displaying the beauty of dark and light, soft hues of hope in between.
The people gathered in my town tonight, peacefully, respectfully.
A sense of communion, communal grieving, empowerment.
Wanting a better way, to create a better story.   

As the evening came to a close, all it took was one.
A some-one, broken deep in the heart
to ignite the brokenness of the other-ones 
until the factions began.
And communion was over.
And the old story of “us vs them” began again.   

Meanwhile, a cloud hovers over my city.
Nature’s communion. Heaven touching earth. 
An endless offering to humanity – in the air we breathe to the earth that sustains us.
Everything we need to thrive - but only when we are in communion.


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