Together We Rise

Amber Norgaard

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"There's a call comin' from the sky Movin' us deep inside To give more than to take To fill in the hole, to fix the break." ~ lyrics from Amber Norgaard's "Together We Rise" song

Life gets murky and messy at times and humanity is driven to unite and rise from the ruin.

Such was the occasion when Amber Norgaard wrote "Together We Rise" for a short documentary film about a Southern Arizona community coming together to build an eagle flight rehab cage at Tucson Wildlife Center. The rehab cage is part of the efforts to help mend the suffering of large raptors that are ill due to lead poisoning and other consequences of human encroachment. Check out their work at

The song features Amber's vocals and keyboards, as well as her long time bandmate Doug "Hurricane" Floyd driving the electric guitar riffs, Alvin Blaine adding the swampy dobro, Jay Trapp diggin' into the bass, and Junior Medina's high energy drums.

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