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May 19, 2021

Long before I had a career as a musical artist, I wrote a song inspired by the birth of my first niece. She entered the world less than year after 9/11, and there was much fear ruminating through hearts and minds. 

Last year as I worked on my “Roots Run Deep” album, I felt this song was topically important. Personally, when I shape lyrics and melodies of comfort, I am comforted in the process. It worked that way when I was a nurse too – as I did my healing work, I was healed in the process. During the daunting beginning of the pandemic, it was a gift to record “Blessed With Life”. 

Time marches on. My niece graduated this week. She will enter a new beginning in this mysterious, messy, glorious circle of life.  

I leave you with lyrics from “Blessed With Life” -

May you live well
May the journey always lead you home
May you know wisdom, truth and light
May you love with all your might
May you be blessed with life

And may we always find comfort and connection in the little, everyday miracles of existence. Wishing you grace, peace and good health as we re-enter this “new” world and “new” way of being with each other.



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Amber & Seth at Wisdom's ¡DOS!

 —  —

Wisdom's ¡DOS!, 4 Plaza Rd, Suite 102, Tubac, AZ

Blending folk, rock, roots, and viola magic into a fun, and uplifting evening of music, singer/songwriter Amber Norgaard (piano, guitar, vocals) and Seth Murzyn (viola) play a mix of their own original songs as well as a wide variety of recognizable tunes by other artists covered in their own “original” way. Join us outdoors on the ¡DOS! patio for this special 3rd Friday show!


Songs feature Amber's vocals, piano, acoustic guitar, keyboards along with stellar musicians Doug Floyd (electric guitars, acoustic guitar), Jay Trapp (bass), Ralph Gilmore (drums), Joe Ferguson (mandolin, harmony vocals), Seth Murzyn (viola, violin), Alex Flores (tenor sax), Carla Brownlee (baritone sax, tenor sax), Tyrone Williams (background vocals/arrangements), Justine Boswell (back up vocals),  and Michael G. Ronstadt (cello). Recorded, engineered, and produced by Steven Lee Tracy (Saint Cecilia Studios). Mastered by Adam Boose (Cauliflower Audio Mastering).