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July 30, 2021

After a year of drought, I am deeply grateful for the plentiful monsoons nourishing life back into our Sonoran Desert. ‘Tis a humid, beautiful and exciting season here.   

I am getting ready to head to South Dakota and Iowa for shows. After months of mostly private performances, I’m looking forward to sharing music in public. 

Last Spring I had an inspiring chat with Judy Jennings, a fabulous writer from Tucson. She interviewed artists regarding the impact of the pandemic on their lives. I’m honored to be included in this. You can read IT’S RESURRECTION TIME: An Interview With Amber Norgaard” HERE . Thank you, Judy, for including my interview in your “UNPAINTED HORSES: Stories of Resilience” blog! 

Many of my supporters are still unable to get out into public settings. For all of you AND for the amazing fans and friends who have pulled me through these past 15 months, HERE is a casually recorded/videoed live performance of my song “Came Here to Love” by my band  at the Community Performing Arts Center (Green Valley, AZ) in April 2021.

Stay safe and healthy out there. Thank you for visiting my website!



Live shows are slowly starting back up! If the whole covid thing has inspired you to use more "plastic" (debit/credit cards) than cash these days, here is an option to tip virtually. Your generosity keeps the music alive! TOGETHER we thrive! Other options are VENMO @Amber-Norgaard or

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Songs feature Amber's vocals, piano, acoustic guitar, keyboards along with stellar musicians Doug Floyd (electric guitars, acoustic guitar), Jay Trapp (bass), Ralph Gilmore (drums), Joe Ferguson (mandolin, harmony vocals), Seth Murzyn (viola, violin), Alex Flores (tenor sax), Carla Brownlee (baritone sax, tenor sax), Tyrone Williams (background vocals/arrangements), Justine Boswell (back up vocals),  and Michael G. Ronstadt (cello). Recorded, engineered, and produced by Steven Lee Tracy (Saint Cecilia Studios). Mastered by Adam Boose (Cauliflower Audio Mastering).