march 17, 2020

Greetings out there, 

During this time of change, I am grateful for the tools of social media to connect with you. As I get calls and emails about canceled performances, I breathe in gratitude for health and breathe out a prayer of healing for those who are struggling right now. As a former community health nurse, I realize the seriousness of heeding expert recommendations. I admit, every time a show is canceled, anxiety arises. I take a moment and remind myself that this too shall pass, and that in the spectrum of human existence, this “challenge” is great, but not nearly as great as it would be if we don’t act now and make some sacrifices. 

There is always an opportunity for the human spirit to shine amidst challenge – for each of us to step up, let go of fear and do what serves the greater good. And in doing this, the path unfolds, often in more profound ways than would have been had the challenge not arisen. We can't control what life hands us, but we can control how we "take it higher." Check out the video below.

Sending love, grace, good health and SISU* to you and your loved ones.


*SISU - a value from Finland that means forging on despite the odds, keeping hope alive no matter how dire the circumstance, and tapping deep within the human spirit to act in the greatest good, often beyond perceived limitations.. 


Thank you to the Multanen Legacy Scholarship Fund for teaching me about the Finnish value of SISU and how to "take it higher" when facing challenges. Let’s all dig deep into our inner sisu, think outside of the box (while living inside our boxes) and get through this together. We have what it takes to thrive.

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Watch Amber's "Raise Me Up" video inspired by the stories of the horses, produced by Marcus De Leon and filmed on site at Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary