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March 19, 2021

As the world turns and we voyage around the sun, I am filled with gratitude for a new season dawning upon us. The equinox is here, and for a brief time, our little planet tilted at 23 ½ degrees dwells in equal day and night, light and dark. 

The balance never ceases. Yet as I walk through this human experience, striving for balance is a daily task. 

It’s been a year since life and my music business changed. We had our first case of COVID in Pima County in March 2020. Our businesses, schools and community came to a halt, and two weeks later, our first death – a mother and wife of 54 years of age. It has been a rough year on many levels and there is much to grieve. May we honor this precious life, each other's struggles and challenges, and come together to heal and rebuild a new day. 

THANK YOU to my supporters. YOU have helped me get through this year in grace. I still make music and it continues to be my day (and night) job. I couldn’t do it without you. 

There is nothing like a live show experience for me…sharing in that space and energy together, uplifting one another. As we slowly begin to gather creeping out like a seedling in the spring, may we lean towards the light, revere one another as precious and make our time together sacred. 

Happy spring equinox to those in the northern hemisphere and autumnal equinox to those in the southern hemisphere. May we move through the light and dark in grace. 

I leave you with lyrics from my song Daylight Breaks:

Daylight breaks, shinin’ hope on the street.
Misty mornin’ air buzzing, boundless and free.
For a moment all the pain and ache of life fade.
Breathe in the newness of today. 

Step in time with me,
Peel away scars of our history.
Just below the rough,
Our masterpiece waits in glory.”

Blessings to you,


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Amber Norgaard at Wisdom's Cafe'

 —  —

Wisdom's Cafe, 1931 E. Frontage Rd., Tumacacori, AZ

FIRST FRIDAYS are always FUN at Wisdom's Cafe' with music, friends and fabulous food/beverages. Wisdom's is adhering to AZ Dept of Health Services guidelines w/ socially distanced seating, masks required when not seated, no dancing, and Amber will be entertaining behind plexiglass until the guidelines advise otherwise.

Amber & Seth at Wisdom's ¡DOS!

 —  —

Wisdom's ¡DOS!, 4 Plaza Rd, Suite 102, Tubac, AZ

Blending folk, rock, roots, and viola magic into a fun, and uplifting evening of music, singer/songwriter Amber Norgaard (piano, guitar, vocals) and Seth Murzyn (viola) play a mix of their own original songs as well as a wide variety of recognizable tunes by other artists covered in their own “original” way. Join us outdoors on the ¡DOS! patio for this special 3rd Friday show!


Songs feature Amber's vocals, piano, acoustic guitar, keyboards along with stellar musicians Doug Floyd (electric guitars, acoustic guitar), Jay Trapp (bass), Ralph Gilmore (drums), Joe Ferguson (mandolin, harmony vocals), Seth Murzyn (viola, violin), Alex Flores (tenor sax), Carla Brownlee (baritone sax, tenor sax), Tyrone Williams (background vocals/arrangements), Justine Boswell (back up vocals),  and Michael G. Ronstadt (cello). Recorded, engineered, and produced by Steven Lee Tracy (Saint Cecilia Studios). Mastered by Adam Boose (Cauliflower Audio Mastering).