Fortune Cookies, Luck and Perspective

Adapted from a journal entry on December 30, 2010
I'm delayed in the Denver airport due to weather...not a surprising occurrence in the mile high city during winter.
I stand in line to order a meal at Panda Express. Balancing…

Camouflage Backpack, Crew Cut & Blue Eyes

He said his name was Todd and that he felt at home in the Dallas Airport. We were wandering among a sea of men and women dressed in BDU’s. It was the middle of October, and I was loaded down…


Singing with Vern

So...I've gotten a bit attached to a cricket in my house.
It's the singing thing.
We both do it, and his chirping from sunset until early morning sounds like a lullaby to me.
Maybe it's because it reminds me of…

Two Springs

I just returned from the Midwest.  It is May, and the Spring season is in full bloom there.
In Arizona, we had our "Spring" season over a month ago, and now, the temperatures have already climbed into the triple digits.   …

Pressing "Send"

"Once I press send, I cannot take it back."  The fearful thought runs through my mind.  

A simple click of the mouse or a brush with the send button on the cell phone stirs a bit of that internal…


Walking the Labyrinth

Passing through downtown Santa Fe, I walked my first labyrinth at St. Francis Cathedral Basilica.  The tradition of walking labyrinths dates back farther than 20,000 years, and I've always been curious about the experience.  
As I made my way through…

Communing in the Muse-ic

It takes a village to build a music career.  (L to R: Mary, DD, Amber, Michelle, & Nancy) 

Here's the Tucson-gang post our (or my) performance at Weststock (Woodstock re-hashed at the Westward Look Resort in the desert, as opposed…


I love Spring...The return of sun. Days growing longer. Bright yellow sage flowers and the  brilliant orange of Ocotillo blooms emerging.  The chatter of birds growing louder.  Doves flirting with each other upon  brick walls; and the quail preparing their…

Dancing in the Grey

It's winter in the desert.  Snowy mountains, temperatures dipping into the low 30's in the evening.  Rainy, windy, grey days.  All a good sign that the slowly melting snow on the mountains in the Spring may raise the draught-stricken water…

A meaningful dollar

At a coffee shop show a few weeks ago, a man got up after one of my tunes, dug into his pocket and pulled out a one dollar bill.  He looked at me and said, "I don't have much, but…

the in-between

The time of in-between.  The lingering light of a setting sun.  Domingo Batista, a phenomenal photographer from the Dominican Republic, calls the in-between the "tiempo de luz" or the time of light.  He told me that during…