Dear Mom...

May 28, 2013
Dear Mom,
Thank you for the birthday pot that you bought me last month!  Please tell Dad that I nurtured my inner farm-girl and planted some basil. 
I think it likes being by the piano window. I’ve… Read more

The story of this day...

I originally wrote this "reflection" for my newsletter on May 28, 2012. In honor of this day a year later, I would like to share it again...

Today is Memorial Day in the U.S. It is a day symbolized by… Read more

Voice Lessons: Getting Out Of My Own Way

This past January, I made a personal commitment to take monthly voice lessons. I came home from a lesson in April, and journaled the following experience:

I can hear it. The anxiety mounts. My brain kicks into full-banter mode, "Ugh…Read more

B E - i n g

B E - i n g  .  .  .

that's what she taught me 

in the 162 months that we spent together.

Always IN the moment.
Never holding grudges.
Unconditionally welcoming.

Even in the end...

The last night, I laid…Read more

Fortune Cookies, Luck and Perspective

Adapted from a journal entry on December 30, 2010
I'm delayed in the Denver airport due to weather...not a surprising occurrence in the mile high city during winter.
I stand in line to order a meal at Panda Express. Balancing… Read more

Camouflage Backpack, Crew Cut & Blue Eyes

He said his name was Todd and that he felt at home in the Dallas Airport. We were wandering among a sea of men and women dressed in BDU’s. It was the middle of October, and I was loaded down…

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Singing with Vern

So...I've gotten a bit attached to a cricket in my house.
It's the singing thing.
We both do it, and his chirping from sunset until early morning sounds like a lullaby to me.
Maybe it's because it reminds me of… Read more