Light to the World

It was winter solstice, the longest night of 2010. I felt that familiar energy palpable in my veins, like an intense vibration, of a song wanting to emerge. 

   The story. 
      The archetype of every human...being completely vulnerable and outcasted while carrying the spark of divinity within. Terrified by that spark, yet going forth on faith to fulfill the quest to bring that spark into the world. 

It was this story, the longest night of year, sirens outside of my house, and headlines of our war-torn world that inspired my writing “Light to the World.”   

Three weeks after writing this song, the tragic shootings of January 8th, 2011 occurred in my town of Tucson, Arizona. Three days later, I played “Light to the World” outside of Gabrielle Giffords’ office at our community vigil. There were many people, many stories, many faiths and many differences. Yet we had one mission. To grieve in Unity, and in Unity, heal. That night, this song took on a much deeper meaning as we gathered, lighting candles and invoking light into an extremely dark situation. 

“We wander through the valleys and the hills 

On this dark, dark winter’s night.

I reach for your hand and walk beside you,
my lantern grows bright.

The star in the heavens, beckons us to light divine,

Where there is no fear, no separation, no suffering, only One.

And the angels sing, “Glory, come lay your head.

Glory, and you are fed, as you bring forth 

Light to the World, 
As we bring forth Light to the World, 
As we bring forth Light to the World 
on this dark night.” "
~Amber Norgaard lyrics from “Light to the World”

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